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+ Comments        Irrances - [#5531] - 13-01-2013

Sur la route, de Tabriz vers Téhéran, le 18 novembre 2010 à 16:38.

Troisième et dernière partie de la série Irrances, tirée de mon voyage de 2010 en Iran. Précédent.

Third and last part of the Irrances serie, covering my 2010 trip in Iran. Previous.

Together with my iranian driver, I was arrested at the North border (against Azerbaijan), by two iranian soldiers on a moto with Kalashnikov. I was conducted to the commander and we started to negociate, with the help of my iranian guide. Hopefully, I was a Swiss citizen. We only spent one hour with them, but I was authorized to keep my photos, showing many military installations at the border. The commander just asked me to promise him to keep my captures for my eyes. I will just do.
This is the Iranian way, everything can always be negotiated in Orient !