Cadavre exquis - 12.10.Collectif
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+ Comments        Cadavre exquis - 12.10.Collectif - 18-12-2009

Le voilà enfin, notre cadavre exquis, étendu d'une pièce sur la table ;) L'intuition et le partage de 16 personnes, que je remercie chaleureusement, un petit souvenir d'une belle aventure...
A voir de près pendant 3 jours, sur 12.10.Collectif, pour ceux qui osent ;)
Ma contribution est tirée de la série Nuits blanches.

We played at the cadavre exquis surrealist game ;) The first photographer made a photograph, which was subsequently forwarded to the second in line. The 2nd then, based solely on their own visual, emotional, intellectual or philosophical response, in turn made a photograph in artistic reaction to the one they were given. And so on...
You can enjoy the result at 12.10.Collectif.
My input is extracted from the Nuits blanches serie.