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+ Comments        Diana - 12-07-2008

...In an age when we are bombarded with flawless images of youthful beauty, when rejuvenation is available through a jar of cream or a scalpel, it is no wonder that a new generation of artists and photographers are seeking to portray the face in new ways.

Through a variety of techniques, including computer manipulation, retouching, photomontage, appropriation of found imagery and methods of veiling and disguising, the artists present their provocative new portraits.

Replacing clarity with blur, the split-second with the elastic moment, reality with hyperreality, they question the notion of a fixed identity, of the face as «the window to the soul», of what constitutes beauty, of faith in absolute photographic truth...

(Quoted from the book jacket of Face - The New Photographic Portrait, by William A. Ewing)

Extract from the serie Portraits - fair face? - February 2008.

My model is Diana Danko.