Appearances #1
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+ Comments        Appearances #1 - 16-05-2008

In the beginning the project was made up of 5 triptychs of decreasing size, a pile of sand on the floor, and 3 mirrors attached to a steel rope. The spectator moved in front of the photos, saw the sand and turned around to discover their reflections in the mirrors whilst comparing themselves to the people represented in the triptychs.

I created a gallery of people and existential questions, loaded with symbols that force the spectator to reflect, in a manner that is both relaxed and structured in its general idea, in its development and its final question. The questions are fundamental, necessary but subtle, childish and philosophical, playful and serious at the same time and mixed with superficiality and depth.

The title reflects the subject: in the twinkling of an eye we have lived life. The black and white contrast at the end comes back to us: it is better not lie….. The last sentence is not a joke; I would prefer to say that it hits us from above.

These images reflect the universal and eternal human condition, our brief passage on this planet; they are linked to other certitudes, but also with the significant weight of solitude.
Text written by Emmanuelle Bianchi

Extract from the serie Appearances - the mirror of life - January 2007.