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+ Comments        Ping pong - 22-11-2008

Ollon, December 2006

I enlarge the field to close my foot serie. This could also be a fashion shot! This is in fact the B version of another photograph I took for the contest Accrochage 2007. You can find the final version, including text, at the beginning of this blog.

He created a gallery of people and existential questions, loaded with symbols that force the spectator to reflect, in a manner that is both relaxed and structured in its general idea, in its development and its final question. The questions are fundamental, necessary but subtle, childish and philosophical, playful and serious at the same time and mixed with superficiality and depth.
Written by Emmanuelle Bianchi

I encourage you to have a look to the Appearances - the mirror of life serie, where typography is closely mixed with photography. I just finished the Accrochage 2009 contest with the Global warning! serie.

Have a wonderful week-end, Everyone! It's snowing in Switzerland :)